What is Dean Shainin’s Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto going to do for YOU…
“I’m Going To Literally Hand You The Same Exact PROVEN EzineArticles.com Money Getting Strategies…And Step-By-Step Blueprint And Formula That Have Helped Me Generate 965,270 Article Views While Building An Internet Marketing Empire Worth Over $150,000+ Online…
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“And If You Put My Proven System Into Action Without Making At Least 300% Return On Your Investment Within 45 Days…I’ll Give You 200% Of Your Money Back…Plus I’ll Let You Keep The Entire System For Free.”

You are probably asking yourself these questions…

“Why Is This Guy So Confident To Give Me His Entire EzineArticles Formula…And Willing To Take All The Risk…Why Wouldn’t He Just Keep Quite To Avoid Competition…And Use His System For His Own Personal Gain and Continue To Rake In Thousands With Them?”

Outstanding Questions!

And I’ll answer them for you in just a minute…

But before I do, I want you to think about something really IMPORTANT.

I know that my proven EzineArticles methods and system can be used by anyone... it doesn't matter what your background is... it doesn't matter what tech skills you have... it doesn't even matter if you have fierce competition in your niche...

I was a total “internet idiot” who couldn’t even build a single web site let alone generate swarms of targeted traffic to my sites. And to this day I’m embarrassed to say that I’m still a complete “tech dummy” that went from $22,000 in debt to creating a $150,000+ business online…


The single biggest benefit of getting my report is that I will personally guide you and show you how to apply my EzineArticles strategies and my system right here right now...

I'll even go a step further and help those of you that don't currently have a profitable business plan in place... You will get full access to me with my Support Ticket system and I’ll make sure that you know exactly how to get started.

And I'll show you precisely what I would do to make money in your position...

So as you move onto the next part of this letter please keep this vital aspect in mind... I'm going to tell you who I am... I’ll show you how I can assist you to make money right now... but I have to do this by showing you a little bit about how this system works and how I’ve used these strategies and system to make money online.
Dear Friend,

My name is Dean Shainin and over the last 3 years I've been earning a full time living on the internet and have submitted 521 articles to EzineArticles.com generating 965,270 article views. Learning how to get as many as 124,000 article views from a single article... and I've repeated this type of article marketing success several times over.

Here is my very first EzineArticles.com account I set up using my real name 'Dean Shainin' showing only 285 articles with only 157,231 article views and only 3,472 URL clicks when I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Go ahead...spy on me...everyone else does... Now I use several pen names for privacy because I know better...
You can take a look here at just one of my many Pen names (blanked out for privacy) with EzineArticles where I submitted only 19 articles and got 117,290 views and 12,695 URL clicks doing things the right way.

Looking at the stats under my real name ‘Dean Shainin’ you should be asking yourself a very important question... "Why does a single article crank out 124,000+ views using my tactics while 285 articles I submitted in the past only got 157,231 views"?

I’ve cracked the code using my secret strategies by dominating EzineArticles.com most viewed article section while driving swarms of pre-qualified free targeted traffic to my AdSense sites, affiliate products and services and to sell my own products using EzineArticles.com and expounding upon article marketing methods...

“Dean, I Really Loved One Of Your Final Points... About Your 16 Day Holiday In Hawaii Recently, The Key Point Being That You Did Not Have To Login To Your Computer Once During That Time”...


Without giving anything away (because that wouldn't be right towards Dean), I will say that Step 3 on page 29 is an important point that I had not given much thought to. It's practical tips like this which should make a significant difference to where your articles sit on the EzineArticles totem pole.

I had so many ideas as I was reading the last third of Dean's report. Many times I wanted to scoot off and start doing the new thing you were suggesting - but Dean, you'll be pleased to know I resisted that temptation. I wanted to finish reading it all through in one day first

What you've provided here is definitely worth a thorough re-reading. I like to write my own action summaries of the best PDFs -- I'll be doing that with the UNDERGROUND SECRET EZINEARTICLES MANIFESTO for sure. There are MANY action steps here. Plenty of "to do" stuff.

Dean, I really loved one of your final points... about your 16 day holiday in Hawaii recently, the key point being that you did not have to login to your computer once during that time.

There are few other online business models that allow us that freedom. Loved it, I did. Article marketers can buzz off for days or weeks at a time and their successful articles are pumping out a residual income for them while they go into hibernation. Very motivational.

Big time thanks.

Gary Harvey



Just recently I got back from a vacation in Kauai, Hawaii and logged in to my computer for the first time in 16 days to see dozens of “notification of payment” received in my inbox from PayPal and “notification of payment” from residual affiliate programs that I promoted using articles many months ago... I'm not even including residual AdSense income... which generates residual profits day and night...

Dear Endless Income For Life,

(Blanked out for my privacy) just sent you money with PayPal.

(Blanked out for my privacy)  is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details


$165.76 USD

Transaction ID:



With thanks for your referrals :-)

Dear Endless Income For Life,

(Blanked out for my privacy)  just sent you money with PayPal.

(Blanked out for my privacy)  is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details


$139.86 USD

Transaction ID:



Affiliate Payment


With thanks for your referrals :)

Dear Endless Income For Life,

(Blanked out for my privacy)  just sent you money with PayPal.

(Blanked out for my privacy)  is a Verified buyer.

Payment Details


$207.20 USD

Transaction ID:



Affiliate Payment


With thanks for your referrals  :)

Take a look at just a few of these PayPal screenshots from various dates below…

Note: Name/Email address details have been blanked out for privacy

I’ve Submitted 521 Articles Generating 965,270 Article Views Cranking Out Thousands Of Dollars And They’re Still Generating Residual Cash Right Now!

When it comes to making money with EzineArticles.com the possibilities are endless… When you look at most other online business "opportunities" this is as fast and simple as it gets.

You can submit an article and have it online making you money within 48 hours… And your articles can become viral while you cash in for years when you know how to do it right…

Your "Underground Secret EzinesArticles Manifesto
Exposed" is a roadmap of the how and why to use
EzineArticles.com to drive massive traffic and

It's no secret the EzineArticles.com is considered
the top articles directory by many simply because
it gets so much targeted traffic. With your ebook,
article marketers now know EXACTLY how to tap into that massive river.

Thanks for a blueprint sorely needed by so many.

Willie Crawford


"It should become a primary reference resource each time that you choose to use article marketing to market ANTHING online"...

Hardly a day passes that someone doesn't assault your email account with the "latest and greatest" way to attract visitors to your web site or other piece of digital real estate. Frequently, these notes offer promises of "silver bullets" and avalanches of "traffic" with little or no effort on your part.  Unfortunately, these promises are most often destined to go poof in the night when they meet the daylightof reality.

It IS possible to connect with others who have potential, genuine interest in what you have to share and provide, if you are willing to invest the time and effort to reaching out in longer lasting and more proven channels. 

One of those proven channels is the use of articles to share information while establishing your authority or expertise on a given topic.

Dean Shainin is the master of using articles. Dean has established a virtual legacy for himself at EzineArticles.com through the posting of over 500 articles.  Don't let that frighten you.  Dean's new "Underground Secret EzineArticles Maifesto" shows you how you can benefit from the posting of a single article.

This isn't a skim and forget it report.  It should become a primary reference resource each time that you choose to use article marketing to market ANTHING online.

On page 13, Dean shares with you his specific guidlines for writing profit pulling articles tailored for use on EzineArticles.com

The "Manifesto" shares Dean's "magic formulas" for creating headlines and article resource boxes on pages 15 through 18.

Dean cautions you not to invest 3 years of your life trying to discover what works and what doesn't work with article marketing. Simply follow Dean's proven steps and formulas and leave the asprin and antacids in their containers.

Dr. Ron Capps The NicheProf



“It’s #3 In Google Search For A Long Tail Keyword Phrase Of 7 Million Competitors! (no quotes)”.

Thought I'd post some updates to show how my article is doing using Dean's method and stats on another article I used.

Article #1
Within 2 weeks 1697 Views for the Article with a 16% CTR

Its #6 in Google search for a long tail keyword phrase of 7 million (no quotes).

Article #2
Within 3 weeks 1594 Views for the Article with a 17.5% CTR

It’s #3 in Google search for a long tail keyword phrase of 7 million competitors! (no quotes).

Both articles are targeting the same long tail phrase so I've really gotten almost 3300 views for that phrase and about 550 hits to my site from 2 articles. All this in less than a month. Not bad, not bad at all.

Sales keep coming in sporadically.

In case anyone is on the fence for Dean, he's the real deal.

AbesClub - Warrior Forum Member



One of the most important aspects of all, EzineArticles.com really works…

965,270 Article Views Generating A Freenzy Of Pre-Qualified Targeted Traffic From Your Resource Box To YOUR Sites Can Be Shocking At First!

I’ve mastered EzineArticles.com and have crammed my PayPal and bank accounts with thousands of dollars using these same exact techniques revealed in my Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto Exposed…

I reveal to you step-by-step how you can duplicate my success with these easy to follow methods.

So My Answer To Your Question Of Why I'm Willing To Show You How To Use My EzineArticles.com Traffic And Cash System Is...

There are millions of products and services available to promote on the Internet... and thousands more are being created every month... EzineArticles.com is wide open to everyone. I could never penetrate all the niches and there are literally billions of keyword combinations out there.

There are dozens of hot niches and hundreds of hot sub niches you can dominate and exploit at EzineArticles.com that most marketers have absolutely no idea how to penetrate properly that are full of tens of thousands of rabid info product seekers searching for a solution to their personal issues or to support their vanity...


And this is why when using this system the right way…

Competition is your best friend and ally to help you dominate your category and niche at EzineArticles.com...

It’s easy to tap into the most competitive niches at EzineArticles.com because most of the work and research has already been done for you... and this is why you can take advantage of the competition within your niche at EzineArticles.com... no matter which niche you’re in or want to target.

So this is the reason why I'm not concerned about creating competition for myself by showing you exactly what I’m doing at EzineArticles... there is plenty of money to go around... there are simply way too many niches and keywords available for any one person to go after...

Here is something else to think about…

Only a very small percentage of authors at EzineArticles.com have any marketing skills at all and have a clear formula to follow... About 98% of EzineArticles.com members are “self glorified article writers” NOT “savvy article marketers”.

These authors have it all backwards and have absolutely no idea how to dominate EzineArticles.com let alone how to write a compelling article that captures the readers attention while grabbing the Top 10 Google search listing driving swarms of traffic to their articles and article resource boxes.

Take a look at the #1 Google search result showing this article at EzineArticles.com that has generated 35,507 article views at the time of this Google search.  

Take a look at the #3 Google search result showing this article at EzineArticles.com that has got 24,863 article views. There are 25,800,000 competitors and look at all those paid AdWords ads that cost .65 to .90 cents per click! Yes, that’s Chris Knight’s article (owner of EzineArticles.com) using his own insider secrets to dominate the top Google rankings just like I do that I will expose to you…

Do you want a steady stream of endless traffic and income using the methods I’ve developed?

Just imagine for a moment...how many more sales could you make, how many more niches could you dominate if you could follow a simple blueprint to success with EzineArticles.com using my fail-proof system?

If I can do this so can you! Even if you don’t know all the techie stuff or you're really short on time and cash you can still make these proven EzineArticles.com strategies I reveal to you work for YOU.

Rave Real Life Testimonials... "Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto"...


“This Latest Product Creation By Dean Is Simply The "Right Product, Right Place, Right Time" Meaning You Can't Afford To Miss This If You Want To Accelerate Your Earnings Using Article Marketing”...

As a strong supporter of article marketing I have praised 3 folks for the last 18 months that I look to in terms of sharing what works and what doesn't work for a successful article marketing campaign to include following their own methods and strategies. They include Josh Spaulding, Steven Wagenheim and of course Dean Shainin (I even give them props in my latest product). There is a reason behind this, quite frankly they know what works when it comes to making money with article marketing.

Once again Dean has created a product that is affordable enough for the new (and struggling) article marketer but powerful enough to turn them into a money making machine.

This latest product creation by Dean is simply the "Right Product, Right Place, Right Time" meaning you can't afford to miss this if you want to accelerate your earnings using article marketing.

Dean, from one article marketer to another - Great Stuff Brother!!!

Tim Gorman


 “You're Giving Away Some Real Great Secret Techniques That Will Easily Help Any Article Marketers Multiply Their Profits 10+ Fold”!

Just finished reading your "Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto" and let me say..........


You're giving away some real great secret techniques that will easily help any article marketers multiply their profits 10+ fold!

You reveal some great Insider Secrets here and anyone interested in taking article marketing to the next level needs this report.

Don't let yourself miss out on this..... Get it while it's still available..!!

Ross Kenny


“I Have Seen A Noticeable Spike Since This Article Went Live. I Am Now Seeing $70 And $90 Days Where Before I Was Seeing $30-50 Days”…

Ok, So I bought Deans Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto a couple weeks back and I read it, and read it again. I had been having minor success with Article writing (affiliate sales) but was looking to step things up.

Well let me just say, by taking what Dean has shared and applying that I was able to achieve the following.

Within 8 days 1077 views for the article.

It’s #5 in Google search for a long tail keyword phrase of 11.3 million (no quotes). This phrase averages over 1000 searches a day according to keyword Wordtracker (free)

Now the CTR isn't the best, 15% but I'm working on that.

I have seen a noticeable spike since this article went live. I am now seeing $70 and $90 days where before I was seeing $30-50 days.

So for anyone who writes articles or is thinking about it in order to sell products (their own or others) you really need to check this out.

Before this the best I had seen with my articles in this same category was 700 views in 7 weeks, not 1000 views in 8 days.

Kudos to Dean, my hats off to you.

AbesClub - Warrior Forum Member




Also Really Liked The Part On Page 20 Called, "My Biggest Secret"!

I just finished reading this report and these are some of the words that come to mind to describe it: exciting, inspiring, motivating, useful, in-depth, well-explained, incredible tips, very helpful & awesome report!

I got a LOT out of the parts about writing titles and resource boxes, using long-tail keywords, spying on other writers and the step-by-step quick overview.

Also really liked the part on page 20 called, "My Biggest Secret"!

Now I feel fully armed to write the best articles of my life.

Great job Dean,

Dan Tierney



The Info In This Report Is Worth Way More To Me Than What I Paid For It”...

I actually purchased this a couple of nights ago, and finally found the time to read it today. Just a few pages into it I realized this report deserved to be printed out and placed in its own binder.

With the cost of ink, paper and binders being what it is, not to mention the amount of space another binder adds to my already groaning bookshelf, I just want you to know that your "Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto" met my stringent requirements of usefulness to actually justify the extra expense.

No, seriously man. The info in this report is worth way more to me than what I paid for it. There is quite a few things I learned that I'm going to start implementing right away. And in all honesty, I actually do think the information is valuable enough to print out and refer too again and again. I just thought I'd let you know my thoughts on it...

Thanks for a great product my friend,

Michael Keeling
Senior Warrior Forum Member



“For Me This Report Takes Article Marketing A Step Beyond The Basics With Insights That Have Convinced Me To Change My Tactics - And So It Has Been Well Worth Buying”... 

I have read Dean's reports before, and hesitated because maybe this one was just going to be a rewrite of the same old stuff.

However, some guy has taken me to the cleaners in one of my niches at EzineArticles, and I couldn't see how he did it. Something in the benefits list hinted at a possible answer. Sure enough, this report has tipped me off to the likely method he used. In fact, he just might be Dean under one of his pen names!

For me this report takes article marketing a step beyond the basics with insights that have convinced me to change my tactics - and so it has been well worth buying.



“Some Brilliant Tips From Someone Who Is Actually Achieving Excellent Article Success And Phenomenal Results”...

 I think you've produced a brilliant piece of work and it has certainly come at the right time for me!

Your advice with the article names is also excellent. I've been using boring keyword names only, but after seeing your examples, it’s now so obvious to me where I've been lacking!

Some brilliant tips from someone who is actually achieving excellent article success and phenomenal results.

Thank you, Dean.

If I got just one tenth of the views you've been getting, I'd be very happy!

Gary Evans




“There Were So Many Insights And Techniques To Improve My Articles, It's Now My Own Private Reference Manual For Article Writing And Marketing”…

I purchased this based on the other reviewer's comments and I'm so glad I did! I too have printed it out - something I very rarely do.

There were so many insights and techniques to improve my articles, it's now my own private reference manual for article writing and marketing. Thanks for such a quality product (And excellent customer service!)

April Coggins
Warrior Forum


“I Recommend This To Anyone From Beginner To Pro”...

Thanks Dean,

This is a really great book on the subject of article marketing. I recommend this to anyone from beginner to pro.
I learned a lot of new information to make working with articles a heck of a lot easier. You really put together the missing pieces of the puzzle.

Kerry Emrich – (The Hyperactive Warrior)



Using my proven “Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto” system gives you the ultimate flexibility to gain much needed quality targeted traffic and visibility to make cash quickly while others struggle…

Here Are Just A Few Of The Many Secrets And Strategies You'll Discover Using My “Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto”

…Secrets In This Blueprint Most Marketers Will Never Know!

  • Insider Secrets” – How To Dominate EzineArticles.com…Get ____ _____ Article _______ and Grab Top 10 Google Search For FREE! The insider secrets that only 2% of all EzineArticle.com authors know to literally dominate 98% EzineArticles.com members.

  • Discover The Craft of Hypnotic Article Writing That Takes Commandof Your Readers, Put Them Under Your Spell and Drive Your EzineArticle Views and Your Article Bios Clicks Through The Roof…

  • Each Article You Write and Submit To EzineArticles.com Should Follow These Guidelines To Insure Maximum Profits…Don’t follow this and you’re simply wasting YOUR time!

  • The Magic Formula For Writing Your Article Titles To Increase Views At EzineArticles.com Revealed…How to use these white hat strategies while getting the top 10 search listing and blow by your competition…

  • The Magic Formula To Writing You EzineArticles.com Resource Box For Increased Click Through Rates By 50% Exposed! Most writers have absolutely no idea how to convert their readers into traffic and fail miserably to get any results at all

  • 3 Powerful Ways How To Increase Your Search Engine Traffic By 500% From Your Articles _____ ____ ____ _______ Before Submitting Your Articles To EzineArticles.com… Discover how to get more article views from a single article than most EzineArticles.com members get from dozens of articles submitted…

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  • Don’t Spend 3 Years Of YOUR Life With Article Marketing Struggling To See What Works Through Trial And Error…Use These Strategies To Blow Past Other Article Writers…Avoid the deadly mistakes I made at EzineArticles.com

  • 3 Powerful Vital Strategies How to Get Your Readers to Click on Your Links At EzineArticles.com without breaking rulesToo many authors ruin their results using their resource box the wrong way…

  • How to find, discover and dominate the hot topics and categories at EzineArticles.com that get the most article views and cash in right now…

  • And much more!

These methods are very profitable to say the least. With this system I’ve generated thousands of pure profits using EzineArticles.com and so can you!

What if you knew 100% without a doubt
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Would you be interested?


Then lets get you started making some serious cash with EzineArticles.com.
I’ll even make it really easy for you. Take a look at this…

Using these simple to follow videos, it becomes dead-set easy for you…

Take You By The Hand Video Training Series!

You will be taken by the hand step-by-step as you discover brand-new, cutting-edge secrets to create unstoppable residual cash income on auto-pilot with your Article marketing.

Yes... the book itself is a complete master blueprint stuffed with the ultimate article marketing strategies ever created.

But... these easy-to-follow videos make this system fail-proof. When you watch and follow the power point lessons there is no way to fail. You might be someone who prefers audio and video for fast action money making results like I do…

Take note: These videos are top notch, quality content, self narrated power point, screen capture camtasia videos exposing all the vital secret tactics to use with the Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto to create endless income. 

Each power packed video shows you exactly what to do.

Video 1.Vital Guidelines You Should Follow Using EzineArticles.com To Insure Maximum Profits...

Video 2. The Magic Formula For Writing Your Article Titles and Resource Box To Increase Views At EzineArticles.com Revealed…

Video 3. 3 Powerful Ways How To Increase Your Search Engine Traffic By 500% Using Long Tail Keywords With EzineArticles.com…

Video 4
Biggest Secrets Using EzineArticles.com To Get A Massive Swarm Of Targeted Traffic!

Video 5. Secrets To Getting Dozens Of Your Articles Into Google Top 10 Organic Search Listing For Free And Getting Article Views Over 50,000+ Just Like I Do!

You Are Only A Few Steps Away From Taking Advantage Of The Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto!


I really don't know how you can follow the simple step-by-step methods and not make cash using these secrets, tactics and strategies.

And best of all...

You Don't Have To Take Out A Personal Loan!

You know what some marketers charge for "coaching" these days? You have to take out a loan to afford their program.

I know what you’re saying, some of that information is great (I occasionally offer coaching myself on the Warrior Forum), but you really should save your money for right now.

Get some major cash flow going first using these tactics, then you can figure out how to build your Internet Marketing Empire and amass life changing wealth with an expensive coaching program costing well over $997!

I'm doing something unheard of for your benefit...

I could easily charge you $97 for this package, because that would still be a insane cheap price for what you're getting, and still way cheaper than most other Ebooks and courses out there...but I won't...

I figured $97 or $77 would be perfectly fair, considering you can make that back in less than a week or two once you put this simple step-by-step method into action. But you won't pay that either, because I want you to take advantage of this opportunity without even thinking about it.

Instead... You’re going to get this at a crazy deal.

As you know this Ebook and video series can easily sell for $97 most likely much more. However, for a limited time you can grab it for NOT $97, Not $77, Not even $57, but only $37!!!

This exclusive package is jammed packed with NO BS, straight to the point methods the savvy Article Marketers use everyday. With an easy to follow format giving you Powerful Step-By-Step techniques, secrets and strategies that you can immediately put into action!

This is an introductory price only and won't be here for long. As soon as a certain number of copies have been sold at the discounted price of $37 I will increase the price.

I'm sure you will agree that $37 is a mere pittance for the information to help you make literally thousands of dollars using my Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto.

I know you want to get started right now but I’m going to add these mind-blowing bonuses that are going to get you into profits even quicker. I want to help you get into profits as fast as possible right now if you act fast.

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Here's what you'll find inside this amazing resource available to the first 25 fast acting “Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto” buyers!

60 Profitable Niche Topics Included...

2000 Keyword Dense Articles in a variety of Niche Topics that YOU can add YOUR own name to as the author, publish anywhere that YOU wish. YOU have full PLR to these keyword rich articles…

You can build your auto-responder series, create your own reports and eBooks, re-write the articles for blog posts and article submission. You can do anything you want to cash in with these keyword dense PLR articles.

This ultimate article niche bonus package gives you enough content to create thousands of keyword rich articles within minutes!
  • Affiliate Marketing
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Yes Dean, Give Me The Entire Underground Secret EzineArticles Manifesto And Extreme Bonus Now!

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